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Posted by Kitty on Feb 16, 2012

Clean shaven or au naturale? Vagina preferences

Women are usually expected to be clean shaven or at least well trimmed in her lower regions but there are some of us ladies that like to let the forest grow wild. I say kudos to however you choose to keep your lady parts.

This post was inspired by two of my girlfriends one who feels ALL women in their right mind should have a clean shaven vagina and another who is more hippy and feels that what nature gave us we should keep.


Au Naturale:


Well for one…. you don’t have to shave! I don’t know about other women but waxing, shaving, hair removal creams or any other methods of hair removal feels like a chore. If I felt comfortable never removing hair ever again in my life I would definitely go for it. Women already have so many things to think about and not worrying about that gives you once less thing.

I know women who get stressed out if their sex lives don’t coincide with their waxings. Not allowing yourself to get some or the term I love so much “c*ock blocking” yourself because of some extra hair ruins things for both parties.

Another con of not waxing is being hairy and not molding to societal standards. Don’t you find it funny that there are even societal standards  of what YOU should do with YOUR private parts? Letting those standards go could possibly be very freeing. To hell with them all if you want some light to heavy bush you go for it girl!

In Europe it is common place for a woman to not shave anything…vagina, legs,  and armpits.

This next pro is just a weird perverted one I came up with but I think red heads should automatically leave some bush. You have red hair on your crotch…I think that’s awesome :)




Well hair often causes itching and discomfort. There is nothing more annoying than itchy stubble growing back in after a couple of weeks from your last waxing session so I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable it must feel if you have a full growth!

Say goodbye to wearing cute little barely there g-strings and thongs that show off your bikini line and vag.

Unfortunately for you au naturale gals society deems it more clean,proper, and attractive to keep your nether region shaven, but at the same time there is nothing wrong with being a rebel.


Bald Eagle:


Having nice smooth skin is sexy and feminine. My personal preference is to keep my kitty clean shaven because I love the look of it. I kind of feel like a porn star :) I feel it has a better look to it when it’s shaven and it’s soft to the touch.

My ultimate reason for doing it besides how I feel about it is that the guy I’m with usually enjoys it that way. I know I always preach women’s power and not to do things just because a man wants you to but in this case I withdraw past comments. If your guy likes how your girl looks and feels he will be more comfortable. If he’s more comfortable he’s bound to make you feel verrryyy comfortable ;)

Bottom line for me is I know my guy isn’t going to go down unless I’m shaven and removing hair to get some head is a fair trade to me!


What is also fun about hair removal in this region is you get to let your inner creative side come out. I have been known to shape my hair into hearts, or lightening bolts, or even to add some humor I’ve shaped and arrow pointing down. There is also the famous triangle, french, and landing stripe designs.


You have to remove hair…this I hate :( Waxing hurts, shaving is uncomfortable in that region, hair removal creams smell like chemicals and poison.

Hair removal also takes time. I don’t know about everyone else but I set aside a good amount of time to dedicate to this region because I want it to be as flawless as possible. This makes hair removal seem like a boring chore.


Well there it is, my take on the shaven and unshaven vag of the world.


Written By: Symone Nelson

Twitter: @TheSymoneShow

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