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Posted by Kitty on Jul 5, 2012

Fetish Spotlight: Sexual Asphyxiation

Everyone is has a kinky side in them. Whether you let your freak flag fly or you keep your naughty side hidden and tucked away safely from the world it’s in there.

We’ve talked about fetishes before and this post is going to be the beginning of a series of spotlights on specific fetishes that I have received emails of curiosity about and emails about how much fun they are to practice.

This post is all about erotic asphyxiation.

What is it?

Erotic asphyxiation is sometimes referred to as breath play where the restriction of breathing is done purposely for sexual arousal.

This could be anything from choking, smothering and or forcing one into situations where they are not able to breathe such as holding them underwater.

Here’s a video from one of my favorite sex scenes from a movie. It is from the movie Killing me Softly starring Heather Graham… this is erotic asphyxiation at its finest.


Why is it a turn on?

Being able to have complete control over when your partner gets to breathe is part of domination play. Breathing is a need and without doing it you will die. When you or your partner knows they basically have the power over your life or death it’s a huge power ego boost. Even though logically you both know the person in control will not actually let you die the idea that you could if they wanted to is what is so sexy. Your life is literally in their hands. The person who is not in control may find this situation arousing because of the fact that for erotic asphyxiation to work they have to be completely committed and give over complete control.

This sex act is great for those who love complete domination and for those who love the idea of being completely submissive.


Tools of the trade…

THB552643- Fetish Fantasy Extreme Heavy Duty Leash & Collar

This act usually goes hand in hand with bondage fetishism. You can use bondage chains , dog collars and ropes to do the job. You can even just go to the minimum and use scarves, sheets and even get in there and use your hands.













How to do it safely…

Always have a signal that indicates you’ve had enough. Since your breathing will be restricted this is EXTREMELY important. Whatever you choose for your signal make sure you and your partner discuss it before hand so whoever is in the dominating role knows what to look out for.

If your partner starts turning red or pale or off color at all you should give it a rest. They may say they are okay but their body is indicating that you are going to hard and restricting their breathing too much.

Erotic asphyxiation is a delicate dance. You have to learn your partners body and how to restrict them enough to turn them on but to know the limit before it gets dangerous.


Have fun!



Written By: Symone Nelson (AKA Kitty)

Twitter: @TheSymoneShow


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