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Posted by Kitty on Apr 7, 2012

Why Vaginas are AWESOME!

Don’t get me wrong I love penises :) but this post is dedicated to the beautiful flower us ladies have down under.


Self Cleaning

Vaginas can clean themselves… that’s pretty darn cool. *Note: just because vaginas are self cleaning does not mean you should not clean yours!* A natural flow of healthy bacteria flows in and out of the vagina everyday, all day. This is the equivalent of an oven being on the self clean cycle. At the end of the cycle it’s squeaky clean :) Same idea.


I personally think vaginas are beautiful. They remind me of a blooming flower. Some women like to vagazzle theirs or get decorative jewellery while some others prefer to let the natural beauty of the vagina shine through.






Pleasure town

The clitoris alone has 8000 nerve endings! 8000 in just that one little button! The penis only has 4000 (HA HA!) That doesn’t even count the rest of the nerve endings us ladies have internally on our vaginal walls. The ridges and grooves we have inside our vaginas also give our partners a damn good feeling. The vagina is malleable and takes shape of whatever goes inside it…it’s like magic. At resting state the vagina has a depth of about 3-4 inches but when aroused can expand by almost 200% to ensure you fellas get a nice fit.  This thing was built to give and receive loads of pleasure.

We can also squirt. For many women this is a rare experience and if you’ve been able to bring a woman to this point it’s a pretty big deal. A g-spot orgasm is said to be a way more intense orgasm than a clitoral orgasm or an orgasm reached through penetration. Two, there are records of women squirting up to ten feet! That is some major air time.


Tougher than steel

Vaginas go through a lot in a lifetime and are extremely durable. How? you ask? Well they provide life (another thing that makes them so beautiful). Stretching to fit the head of a baby and then being able to shrink back down… that’s talent that we don’t even control.






  • Did you know there are two holes located within the vagina? From front to back the first hole is the urethra which is where women pee from. The second hole is the actual vaginal opening.

  • Douching is actually not such a good thing for your vaginal health. Since the vagina is a self cleaning organ it has a fine balance of pH and acidity levels. When you douche you can mess with those levels. If you are going to douche stay away from vinegar based douches that may change the pH balance in your vagina.
  • Queefing (vaginal farting) is completely normal and nothing to be ashamed about. All it is is air being forced out of your vagina. This happens to a lot of women during sex where air is being forced in and out of their vaginas at a fast rate.

  • Worried about how you taste or smell? Well you shouldn’t be there are natural pheromones that are given off by your vaginal fluid that attract the opposite sex. If you are worried about taste….

  • Adding more sweet or sugary natural foods to your diet like pineapple for example can lead to a sweeter tasting meal for your partner when they go down town
  • When aroused the clit gets engorged and filled with blood and gets hard the same way a penis does.


Whatever the reasons you have we can all agree vaginas are AWESOME!


Written By: Symone Nelson (AKA Kitty)

Twitter: @TheSymoneShow

If you have any comments or ideas for posts you would like to see you can email me at

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