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Posted by Nicky on Sep 30, 2011

Want to Guarantee a Sheet Soaking #Orgasm?

How to help your man help you cum

When it comes to sex and reaching orgasm, or lack thereof, women generally blame the man. He wasn’t good in bed, he didn’t have the right moves to hit your spot, he just didn’t know what he was doing at all when it came to your body etc the list goes on. But in reality sex is a two way street and there are certain things we as women will have to change if we want to start, or continue to cum.

Communication plays a key role! How will your man ever know to do right if he never even knows he’s doing wrong? You have to stop being a passive player during sex and get really aggressive really fast if you want to hit that home run. Tell him what you want! If you need deeper penetration and he is a “tipper” (what I call guys who for some reason don’t thrust everything in) then tell him to go deeper! If he’s going to hard for you and you feel like he’s in a fight with your vagina instead of a sex session tell him to slow it down. If you never ask for what you need you’re never going to get what you need, therefore cumming is the last thing you’re going to do. Sex is meant to be enjoyable for EVERYONE involved, so help him help you enjoy yourself.

Some women may be more shy and timid when it comes to asking for what they want in bed there are many ways around that, for instance phone sex. Phone sex is a great way to practice your dirty talk and to slip in things such as “I would love it if you fucked me harder” or if you’re into S&M “When you spank me it makes me so wet” Those are just examples of the endless things you can say. Also phone sex is a great way for the shy girls to ask for what they want without having to be in person with their man, it’s a way of being more aggressive while still maintaining some passivity because not ALL of us are wild sex vixens. You know what you like so let him know! Men are NOT mind readers and they take cues from us. If he knows there is a way to make sex amazing for you he will do it. Nothing boosts a man’s ego more than knowing he just gave his woman a mind blowing orgasm.

Since we are on the topic of communication, lying has to end. When you are screaming and moaning at the top of your lungs even though he really isn’t doing anything for you he will think he is doing everything right. Why wouldn’t he? Everything you are showing him is indicating he is the man and he is tearing that pussy up! I understand a lot of females don’t want to hurt their guys feelings so they moan, breathe heavy etc to make him feel good, but what’s the point when you don’t even get to feel good?!?! A guy is going to bust a nut no matter what so if you want to cum you have to take charge! I mean don’t tell the guy he sucks, but giving him some direction will let him know where to go. DO NOT scream like a porn star if he isn’t giving you porn star dick!!!

And lastly, a sure way to reach that O is through some good ol’ fashioned self-love. That’s right MASTURBATION… knowing your own body, your likes and your dislikes can help you out a great deal during sex. Masturbation is a great way to get to know all your curves and your hot spots. You may find out your clit has to be played with a specific way to bring you to an orgasm, or that you like your nipples pinched, or maybe even that you love ass play, who knows what you can discover by yourself the possibilities are endless!

If you obey these rules you are guaranteed a sheet soaking orgasm :)


Written By: Symone Nelson

Twitter: @TheSymoneShow


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